What's the best news you've ever heard?

"Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another” - Hebrews 10:25

Community is at the heart of everything. The sentiments expressed here in Hebrews can be traced back to God himself - 3 persons enjoying perfect community in the Trinity. And for me the greatest joy of leading Christianity Explored has been seeing people discover Jesus together, spur one another on as new believers, and grow together as disciples within the community of the church.

The need for flexibility has become a significant feature in our thinking as we’ve been developing both the recently refreshed edition of Christianity Explored and our brand new Life Explored course due in September.  Less people seem willing to come on courses. It’s by no means a uniform problem.  Two people in South East England in the last month have told me they’ve recently had their “best ever” Christianity Explored. Also attendances are booming in many parts of the world.

Our courses have never been, and will never be, a silver bullet. More than ever we need to be going out of our church buildings to reach the lost. And far more resources than just those we provide will be necessary for the task.  However, the “traditional” course concept should never die. There should always be somewhere between a trickle and a flood of people ready to discover more and many will still be willing and able to do this in community.

But above all we’re excited. We’re excited by the many we meet who have a similar hunger to share the love of Christ. And we’re excited by the new materials that God has enabled us to produce which we believe will share the eternal message of the Bible in a fresh way to an increasingly secular generation.

We carry the Best News anyone can ever wish to receive - and we pray that ears are open enough to hear as we go and tell!

Ian FrameIan Roberts
Chief Executive
June 2016


New Look 

Introduce people to the best news they will ever hear!

While many are enjoying Christianity Explored as a church-run course, increasing numbers of people are finding that their friends would prefer to meet up one-to-one to find out more about Jesus.

Because of this cultural shift, our award-winning - and newly designed - material is now available for digital download to your laptop, tablet, or phone making it easier than ever to lead a friend to Jesus one-to-one, or in a small group, at home or at church.
As part of the stunning redesign of Christianity Explored, we are introducing a boxed Leader's Kit. If you're already familiar with Christianity Explored all the components are available separately so just buy what you need.

It contains:
- a revised leader's handbook that's more concise and user friendly
- a freshly-designed guest handbook
- the same award-winning DVD
- a code so that you can download the episodes to your laptop, tablet, or phone.

The content of Christianity Explored has not changed. It still explores the identity, mission and call of Jesus as you read through the Gospel of Mark. However, we feel that the new look is far more contemporary and more attractive to people who we'd like to invite along to Christianity Explored. We have also made it so easy to use that any Christian can introduce someone they know to Jesus.
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"My toes used to curl at the thought of "doing" evangelism."
"We used to feel that we were missing something in our lives."  
"I used to think I couldn't lead a Bible study."

Read these stories in full on Facebook and enjoy hearing how Jonathan & Helen, Keith & Rose, and Eva love sharing and using Christianity Explored in their local communities.

Please email us your 200-300 word stories at of your experiences with Christianity Explored and the lessons you've learned through the process.  Or perhaps, pass this along to someone you know who’d love to be part of this ongoing social media story.

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BUY TWO, PASS ONE ALONG [launch offer]

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Did you know that most people discover Christianity Explored word of mouth through a friend, a recommendation from a church, or going through the course? YOU are our best ambassadors and we hope the new Leader's Kit will give you lots of reasons to keep talking!  

We're thrilled to have a special launch offer buy one leader's kit - get a second one for 50% until 15 June 2016.  Now it's even easier to pass these great new materials along to a friend or church nearby.

We'd love you to help us spread the word any way you like - but for those of you on twitter we have something special in store. All you need to do is click on the bird above or use the hashtag #christianityexplored. On 15 June we'll randomly select one special tweeter and send you stunning new roll-up banner to use at your next Christianity Explored session.  Happy tweeting.
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We’ve refreshed our CEM website to help make it easy to introduce people to Christianity Explored. We hope you enjoy the new look as well as some of the new features of the site. Have a look around.



One of the new features on the site is our Leader’s Area. In this section you’ll find lots of great resources to help you prepare, promote your Christianity Explored series and train leaders.

You’ll also have access to view all of the videos from the course and be able to share them with guests if they miss out on a week.

Access to the Leader's Area is available to anyone who has registered on the Find A Course map.  Don’t worry if you have forgotten your login and password details as we will be sending out a reminder email in the next few days. 


We’ve also given our website for guests a bit of a renovation so it looks fresh and it’s easier to use on lots of different types of mobile devices.  We hope that this site will continue to help many people on their journey in discovering that Jesus is the best news they’ve ever heard!


Life Explored [teaser]

This September, we’ll be releasing Life Explored, 15 years after we first published Christianity Explored. We'll be sharing much more about this new series over the summer months but here's a taste of what's to come.


"Life Explored outlines what the Bible is about, exposes our idolatry, and makes clear where forgiveness and hope lie. This is one of the best of the rising number of evangelistic tools addressing men and women in the twenty-first century.”
D.A. Carson