A Licence to Live

Then a voice told him, “Get up Peter. Kill and eat” - Acts 10:13

Peter’s experience in Acts 10 is fascinating. At the outset, his physical hunger far exceeds his spiritual hunger to preach the love of God to a new community. He receives a highly unsettling call to go well beyond his comfort zone, even to those he considers unclean. But as his interaction with Cornelius grows, confusion fades and clarity comes. Although his fellow Jews feared he was turning his back on Scripture, Peter's realisation that the Good News was also for the Gentiles ultimately was cause for praise and celebration.

As we’ve gone round launching Life|Explored in the last month or two, we’ve been thrilled by the excitement with which the resource has been greeted. It’s been wonderful to see a great spiritual hunger to reach outside the walls of our churches. And although that might take us beyond our own comfort zones, the feedback we’ve had is that what’s been produced will do a very good job of crossing this divide.

In developing the series over many years, we’ve come to believe that the use of story and the metaphor of sin as idolatry are great bridges into today’s world. Even though this may be a little alien to the propositional truth and emphasis on sin as lawbreaking that has characterised much of our evangelism of the past, we trust that Life|Explored will both add to and complement what already exists in Christianity Explored.

Most of all we pray that Life|Explored will help people across the world share the truth about the character of God. May many come to praise Him as they see people discovering faith in Jesus today, just as Cornelius, his relatives and close friends did 2000 years ago.

Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts
Chief Executive
November 2016


Life|Explored is LIVE

Over the past few months, the team has been touring both the UK and North America to introduce Life|Explored. The launch tour reached over 2000 people in 25 cities. Rico Tice, Nate Morgan Locke and Barry Cooper had loads of fun presenting the big ideas behind the series. Many thanks to all of the churches and volunteers who hosted and helped us introduce Life|Explored.


Connect with People Near You 

It has been wonderful to see people experiencing Life|Explored in places as far as Taiwan, New Zealand and South Africa. If you are running Life Explored and have not yet registered, please join our online community! Registering your details will add your church to the map and help people connect with you. 

What's that film about? [#commentary]

The response we have received to Life|Explored has been overwhelmingly positive. However, we realise it is a very different style from Christianity Explored and we want to provide as much help as possible to leaders using it for the first time. 
LECommentary1 LE Commentary

Once you've registered your couse, you will receive access to the Leader’s Area on our website. This area has additional leader resources, including commentaries from Barry Cooper and Nate Morgan Locke on each of the sessions. These short videos provide insight into the big ideas behind each session and helpful examples for leading discussions. Session One commentary is available here and on our YouTube channel.

Reaching the lost and forgotten
[The Prisoner’s Journey®]

With more than 22,000 prisons worldwide, and over 10 million incarcerated, prisoners make up one of the largest unreached groups in the world. They are often forgotten and marginalised.

Graig grew up in South Africa to a family that was uninterested in religion. His journey landed him in prison when he became involved in drugs and murder. It was in prison that Graig began to read his Bible and was invited on The Prisoner’s Journey®.

"I am not a Satanist and not a drug addict any longer and my wish is to be a servant of the Almighty God inside and outside of prison."

Read Graig's story and learn more about how prisoners around the world are experiencing the life giving message of Mark's gospel.

Christianity Explored [Korean Launch]


Last month, Craig Dyer arrived in Seoul to help launch the new Korean translation of Christianity Explored. Three training sessions were held to equip over 100 pastors and church leaders in using Mark's Gospel for evangelism and church planting.

We're thrilled to share what God is doing in Korea through the powerful message of the gospel. Read more about the new Korean translation here.

A Very Different Christmas [gift idea] 

Christmas is fast approaching. 

ChristmasWhy not get ready for the Christmas season with A Very Different Christmas, a short book by Rico Tice and Nate Morgan Locke? This page-turner invites readers to look at the presents under God’s tree, and how Jesus really is everything they could ever hope for.

Ideal for giving away to friends and family, and cheap enough for churches to buy to give out at services this December.
Available from The Good Book Company (UK) (USA) (NZ) (AU)


Keep the Conversation Going!


There are t-shirts available here from Churches are using these for the table leaders on their courses, and others are starting a conversation through them to guide people to see the films.