Reaching the lost and forgotten

With more than 22,000 prisons worldwide, and over 10 million incarcerated, prisoners make up one of the largest unreached groups in the world. They are often forgotten and marginalised.


(photo courtesy of Prison Fellowship International)

Since 2014 prisoners around the world are being reached with the life-giving message of God's Word through The Prisoner’s Journey®. This exciting gospel partnership with Prison Fellowship International uses the Christianity Explored course and aims to reach 1 million prisoners with the good news about Jesus by 2020.

Over eight weeks, prisoners meet in groups of 10 to learn about Jesus. It is not traditional teaching and definitely not preaching; it simply allows the Gospel to reveal the Gospel. Volunteers are trained to facilitate each session by allowing the prisoners to reflect on and dialog about what they learn. In some countries, prisoners themselves are being trained to share the Gospel with their fellow inmates.  Graig is one of these men.

I was born in Johannesburg to a family that was not into religion, they believed in God but never went to church, and I became involved in drugs and was introduced to Satanism and even became a priest in the cult church I was a part of.
I never knew who Jesus was or what he did for me and at that point I did not care as I thought God did not care about me, I was under the impression that the people in the cult and Satan was the only ones who cared.  My addiction became worse and it led me to a life of crime and I was involved in a very brutal murder, I went to prison and a pastor asked me if I knew Jesus.
I did not and started to read the Bible but I did not understand the Bible and Jesus.
The course of Christianity Explored has opened my eyes as to who Jesus is, what He came to do for me and what it means as well as what I mean to Him, his incredible love for me, I now know that He came to save sinners like me.
For the first time in my life I feel like that empty space inside of my heart that I have tried on my own to fill is not empty anymore, thank you Jesus, my Lord and Savior.
I am not a Satanist and not a drug addict any longer and my wish is to be a servant of the Almighty God inside and outside of prison, I want to help other addicts who needs to know Jesus.
I feel blessed and happy now that Jesus is in my life, I pray daily for strength and guidance.
Thank you Christianity Explored and Prison Fellowship for teaching me that God loves me so much!

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Prison Fellowship International anticipates that by the end of 2016 the programme will be running in over 370 prisons in 19 countries. More than 120,000 inmates will receive an invitation on The Prisoner’s Journey® this year and over 50,000 will have the opportunity to explore the identity, mission and call of Jesus through Mark's Gospel worldwide!  

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