Korean Launch

In October, Craig Dyer arrived in Seoul to help launch the new Korean translation of Christianity Explored. Yong Shin, a part-time lecturer at ChongShin University, shares the powerful work God is doing in Korea.


Three training sessions were held to equip over 100 pastors and church leaders in using Mark's Gospel for evangelism and church planting. We read 2 Corinthians 4:1-7, and were reminded to balance God's sovereignty, gospel integrity, and humility in sharing the good news. Although we initially had some questions about how to translate the cultural differences, we really appreciated the expository teaching that Christianity Explored provides to the local church. 

About 40 pastors attended our first meeting. These leaders were either already involved with church planting or hoping to be a church planter in the future. Their interest was how to integrate Christianity Explored into their own church communities. 

The second meeting was held at ChongShin University, which is the main denominational and biggest theological university in South Korea. There were two meetings: a morning session and an afternoon session. The 118 attendees that came were mostly pastors and theological students. Craig spent the day taking us through Jesus' identity, mission, and call in Mark's Gospel. Many of the guests appreciated the clear and faithful Bible teaching and the emphasis that Jesus calls his followers to walk a self-denying, cross-taking faith. We know that a cross-taking message is not an easy message to swallow and share with our local communities but we trust the power of God's Word.

Our last meeting was special with around 60 pastors in attendance. After our four hour session, the host of the conference wanted Craig to teach more in the evening! Although we had to gently turn it down, we were encouraged by the enthusiasm of the pastors and the way they wanted to be equipped to share Mark's Gospel.

As Christianity Explored spreads over the Korean peninsular, I pray we will see healthier and stronger Korean church communities.


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