Let's Explore Christianity Together 

Helping others to see the good news of Jesus and apply it to their lives is one of the great privileges of being part of the church. Scientist and former atheist, Nuno Bandeira shares his story.
I am from Portugal and left the Catholic Church when I was eight years old.  I currently teach computational biology at UC San Diego. I spent about three decades as an atheist, became a scientist, and even spent a couple of my teen years as lead singer and guitarist with a heavy metal band. I didn’t come to the Christian faith until my late 30s, after having a series of conversations with a friend. It was important to have someone who would take my questions and would help me understand.

I think there are a lot of connections between science and religion. Before becoming a Christian, I sought to delve into the “data,” the text of the Bible, rather than relying on hearsay. As in science, the process of gaining understanding often takes a group of people working together, holding discussions and asking questions, to make progress. But while they overlap, they are separate and distinct. The Bible is not meant to explain how things work. It’s not a science book. And science is not meant to decide how we should behave.

Coming along to a Christianity Explored course is not coming to a conversion shop. It's a forum where people feel safe to ask questions and debate different points of view. There’s no expectation there will be any particular outcome. Essentially the goal here is to help people get a better understanding of what Christianity really stands for.
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