"All He, No Me!"

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” - Philippians 1: 21

Many of you will have your own memories of studying Paul’s letter to the Philippians, either through Discipleship Explored or in your everyday reading. My most vivid recollection was a course we ran at our home as a follow up to Christianity Explored. During session 2, one man, who had been around church much of his life, exclaimed, “Oh that’s deep!” as we read chapter 1 verse 21. And he then sat there for many minutes staring into the distance transfixed by what he’d heard and pondering its meaning for his life.

When we first released Discipleship Explored over ten years ago, we knew how vital the message of Philippians was, primarily but not exclusively, to new believers. We’ve had many testimonies over the years of how appreciated the material has been by those who have used it. You’ll see one good example in the article below.

But following the release of Life Explored and the re-branded Christianity Explored, we knew that we needed to give Discipleship Explored a fresh look. As such, we’re delighted to confirm that we have recently re-filmed the material for release early in 2018. 

About 90% of our courses now take place outside the United Kingdom. Much of these are discipleship of new believers who have come to faith with very limited knowledge of the Bible. Having just come back from launching the Arabic translation of Christianity Explored, the pressing need for discipleship is even more poigniant.

As such the importance of Discipleship Explored within our portfolio is huge. We've filmed around the world and have included testimonies from local believers to bring Paul’s teaching alive. We pray that this will fill a valuable niche in a fresh way.

With thanks for your ongoing partnership in the gospel.

Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts
Chief Executive
June 2017


How Did It Go Last Week?
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"A simple question the other day from one of my cricket team mates - but what a challenge to sum up in a few words! How do you assess a first visit to both Egypt and Lebanon - a week that saw us launch the Arabic translations of Christianity Explored and SOUL - which started just a few days after the horrific attack on a bus in the South of Egypt that left around 30 Coptic Christians dead?"

Read more about the Arabic launch of Christianity Explored and SOUL.

Shining Like Stars in Iraq [#DiscipleshipExplored]

"We are an international church in Erbil, Iraq of about 100 people from varying backgrounds. We have recently completed a sermon series through Paul's letter to the Philippians and went through Discipleship Explored in our home groups. In our weekly corporate gathering, we took time to recite the memory verse from the end of each study together. As we meditated on and obeyed it through the week, we also wanted to hold each other accountable to what we were learning and putting into practice. With many people from nominally Christian backgrounds, some have realised for the first time that salvation belongs to God - it is He who starts the work and is bringing to completion. One of our new sisters said, 'all He, no me!'

Paul's exhortation to the Philippian church has made us bold too. Some who previously only shared their faith through actions are now adding words - and his Word - to proclaim Christ. We are reminded and challenged to rejoice in Christ, despite the opposition that many of our brothers and sisters here face. It has changed our perspective on what we consider to be a blessing - our gain is truly Christ alone. We're especially thankful for the spirit of Jesus Christ which unites us because of his selfless sacrifice.

Discipleship Explored has helped us live better as one in him and strive together for his worthy cause, shining like stars in the midst of a war-torn and dark-without-hope generation."  
Jo & Andie Carroll, missionaries in Erbil, Iraq

Discipleship Explored [New Edition]

Next year, on the tenth anniversary of the first Discipleship Explored film series, a brand new edition is set to be released.

Shooting began on March 13th and wrapped on March 31st, and in that time, the four-man crew travelled across five continents and filmed in seven different countries.

“One of the big changes we’ve made,” says Barry Cooper (writer and presenter), “is to incorporate interview footage from around the world. So our focus is still on Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, but we get to see how that letter has impacted believers internationally, including those who are being persecuted. It’s very compelling, and often very moving.”

One interview in particular left a huge impression. “We met a couple who had fled ISIS in Mosul, Iraq. Their only warning was the sound of automatic gunfire and RPG explosions a few blocks away, so they had a matter of minutes to grab some personal belongings, dive into the car and drive out of the city as fast as they could. They told us that their daughter was sobbing as she looked back at all they’d left behind. But then she looked up at her mother and said, ‘It’s ok, mummy. Our home isn't here. Our home is in heaven.’ Her daughter was seven at the time.”

The eight episode series was shot on location in Greece, Serbia, Jordan, Rwanda, India, Peru and the United States, and was directed by Stephen McCaskell who made the recent documentary Martin Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer.  

Discipleship Explored will be released, God-willing, in Spring 2018. We’d value your prayers as the team continue with post-production.

Love Albania [#ChristianityExplored]


Several months ago Craig Dyer, CEM Training Director had the same conversation in two different countries with two different people. Both had a vision to reach Albania with the Gospel and both love Christianity Explored as an effective tool for sharing their faith.

Erion Cuni [Pastor of the Life in Christ Evangelical Church, Tirana] and Scott Ballantine [Director of Living Water International/Adopt-A-Child, Albania based in Northern Ireland] have a vision to make Christianity Explored available in Albanian. Christianity Explored will give local churches a tool that can be used at a time when workers are few. 

There is a nationwide social, political and economic collapse in Albania. Large areas of the country are still untouched by the gospel 25 years after the fall of communism. Many city neighbourhoods have no gospel witness whilst villages are mostly devoid of witness.

Have you the heart to help? Would you be willing to pray, donate or fundraise?

Click here to find out more about this exciting project.

Tell Us Your Story... [#LifeExplored] 

There are now over 500 registered Life Explored groups worldwide.

We love hearing how creatively the materials are being used to explore faith with friends, family and colleagues in communities around the world.

Please click here to share your experience of Life Explored with us.

Asking One Question in Canada


Mike Knox explains how his church in Manitoba, Canada used If You Could Ask God One Question to start conversations about faith with visitors at a local trade event. 
If You Could Ask God One Question is available from The Good Book Company (UK) (USA & Canada) (AU) (NZ)


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